Fit Process

Our #1 goal is to keep you injury free
so you can 
enjoy and succeed
at the sports you love.


For many people, this means ensuring that you are wearing the proper type of shoes for your foot type and fitness goals. We offer a thorough evaluation of your biomechanics and gait analysis in order to fit you for the right type of shoes with the right features and level of support.


We call it the “bull fit” and there are six steps that help to ensure a proper fit:

  1. _DSC2012-EditFunction: We ask how you’ll use your shoes: sport, surfaces and conditions, your background and goals. We check your old shoes and inquire about any current or previous injuries.
  2. Feet: We assess your foot type and analyze your biomechanics.
  3. Fit: We look at every aspect of the shoe and your feet for ideal comfort and performance and, if needed, recommend special sizing in narrow or extra widths. We professionally fit you with shoes, socks, and if needed, footbeds, medical aids, and other accessories.
  4. Form: We watch you walk or run during a quick road test outside our store, analyzing your gait and biomechanics to be sure the shoe is providing the proper amount of support.
  5. Feel: Once we find the right shoes for you, we need your help in selecting the shoe that feels best on your feet. We want you in a shoe that feels great on your feet from the moment you leave the store — since shoes are made of mostly synthetic materials, it is a myth that you need to “break them in”.
  6. Fun: Do you love your new shoes? We look for that big smile and look forward to hearing about your success! Please come back and tell us all about it.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee!